Tuesday, August 14, 2012

What is Bunting?

My niece was married a few months ago, when I asked what I could do to help her with the wedding she said I could make the bunting.  "What is bunting?" I asked her, a little embarrassed that I didn't know.  When she explained I let out a big, "Ohhhh, the fabric triangle banner things".  I didn't know they had a fancy name.  They looked festive hanging on the trees at the cabin where the reception was held.

They were made using the 'Party Bunting Tutorial' from website, go to their blog and click on the bunting tutorial.  

Nicole did such a beautiful job planning the whole wedding day.  All that she planned went so well together, it almost felt like we stepped back in time for the day. She has a fun creative style that you can see more of on her blog at where she features a 90 minute maxi skirt tutorial.  

When she was 15 her and her 16 year old sister Amanda helped me sew some of the quilts in my "Young at Heart" book published by Martingale in 2008.  These quilts are still two of my favorite quilts because of the memories of sewing with them.

This quilt is named "Brickwork".  I gave Nicole and Amanda a pile of fabrics I liked together and let them choose where they wanted to place them.  They did a great job sewing the blocks together and making sure there was a variety of fabrics.  They made it so well that I asked them to help me with another quilt.

For this quilt "Starlight" we took a different approach.  After working on all the quilts for the book I was running out of color inspiration, so I took the two girls to the quilt shop with me to get some fresh ideas.  They found a polka dot they liked for some of the background areas. From that fabric they choose the yellow and pink stars and then pulled most of the bright colors from my fabric stash.  I admit I wasn't sure how all of it was going to look, I hadn't thought of any of those colors for this quilt.  

So I thought I would be a fun aunt; I told them we could stay up all night watching  movies while we work on the quilt.  I was asleep on the couch by 10:30, I woke up at 5:00am and they were still sewing!  They had made all of the bright colored square blocks!  I love this quilt, it is bright, and full of happy memories.

The "Young at Heart" book is no longer in print but you can purchase an ebook or the individual epatterns of these quilts and more from